How original do baby shower balloon decorations

You are planning to organize unforgettable baby shower and to make an impression on guests using all means possible? We can help you. We have a variety of ideas for the distinguished celebration. Our balloon photo booth, free invitation cards and gender reveal balloons won’t remain unnoticed.

Baby Shower Balloon Decorations

Baby Shower Balloon Decorations

The selection of baby boy shower balloons will help you to settle perfect decoration all around the venue, even the mailbox will indicate the place where the party is ready to start. Some mylar balloons are specially designed to match jungle or safari theme.

Balloons for baby showers decorations

Our decorations, Baby Boy Shower Balloons, any other subtle details, different keepsakes and presents like onesies or stuffed toys can turn the celebration into unique experience for the expectant mother and other guests. Of course we appreciate each our customer and you won’t need to worry about the delivery because our offer includes free shipping.

If you are intending to create a balloon photo booth, you’ll need to make a forest from balloons positioned on various heights with a proper path to the center of the booth between them. Every guest will stand in the booth carrying an extra balloon with specific letter painted on it. Afterwards it’ll be easy to design a photo book online.

Baby shower balloon decorations

The gender reveal is an important part of the baby shower. Two boxes with question marks should be filled with balloons of respective colors. Balloons revealing the gender are to be inflated with helium, others – with air. During the party both of the boxes should be opened simultaneously and the balloons appearing from one of the boxes will indicate the gender. You will need:

  • balloons
  • scissors
  • color band
  • good mood
  • fantasy
  • speculation