How to make a memorable baby shower cake decorations

The treat made for your baby shower party may be incomplete without our cake decorations. We can offer special baby boy cake decorations including baby vest, bottle or stars. Moreover, we have additional selection of tins and cake embellishments that will help you to prepare a variety of decorated cake toppers.

Baby Shower Cake Decorations

Baby Shower Cake Decorations

Also our cupcake wrappers will facilitate matching the treats to the baby shower theme. If you wrap your cupcakes with them, the party dessert will be marvelous. Furthermore, it won’t be necessary to spend time looking for the skilled baker. Using products that we offer it will be easy to create great treats – from small cupcakes to large ones.

Baby shower cake ideas

The wrappers are specially elaborated to fit party cups, so snack containers can also be decorated. With our products you can pretend that the dessert was made by an expert baker – cupcake pick toppers even have personalized labels hinting at the work of the professional.

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Our shop will help you to save money on the payment to the baker. Moreover, we offer a free shipping service therefore our customers enjoy the discount prices light-heartedly. Large variety of toppers, pop-tops and other cake decoration items will perfectly suit any baby shower theme. You will need:

  • imagination
  • good mood
  • fantasy
  • cream
  • jam
  • food coloring
  • mixer
  • eggs
  • Shortcakes