Incredible way to owl themed baby shower decorations

Owl is a belowed children’s character. Possessing big expressive eyes and cute soft body, it evokes tenderness and affection. Owl is a frequent cartoon hero. So the usage of owl images in baby rooms and toys is very essential. The bathroom in owl theme designed is also a win decorative option.

Owl Themed Baby Shower Decorations

Owl Themed Baby Shower Decorations

While one child is fond of taking bath, the other is not at all. For the former, the owl theme here will be an extra reason for joy. For the latter, funny and cheerful owls will give the opportunity to change the opinion of this procedure.

Owl decorations for baby shower

There is a huge amount of owl theme bath decorations. The most popular and common solution is stickers. They can be of different sizes and forms. Stickers may have the single owl image, two owls together on the tree and a lot of other variants. The next idea is to use thematic bathroom curtains, depicting feathered friends. Better to choose bright and not very dark shades to create pleasant and lovely atmosphere. Warm rug with owl will be welcome. The appropriate wall covering may accomplish this design. Use green, blue and brown colors to bring natural accents to the ambiance.

Baby shower owl decorations

The great addition for such owl themed interior is different toys to play in the water and accessories, like sponges, toothbrushes, towels and so on. Turn on your imagination and make the bathroom look awesome. You will need:

  • stickers
  • scissors
  • imagination
  • good mood
  • glue
  • thread
  • color band