How to organize unique baby shower decorations

Baby shower is for sure a very special occasion. So, it needs unique decorations to become one of the most joyful and memorable events. Modern baby shower parties are arranged corresponding to some theme. The celebrations can be inspired by baby animals or teddy bears, classic story books or cartoons. It is interesting to organize a Jungle Party or a Circus Party. Oscar Ceremony or unveiling of a Walk of Fame star themes are often used for baby showers, too.

Unique Baby Shower Decorations

Unique Baby Shower Decorations

Unique baby shower themes

Decorating the room with various garlands and balloons is not new. But what about making a garland of baby clothes and baby rattles? It will give a cute look to the room and the items could be used in future. Colorful posters and signs will add excitement to the celebration. The sitting place for the mother-to-be can be decorated as a throne for a queen.

Unique baby shower gifts

A cake of diapers is a must-have of every baby shower. It can be ordered on-line but you are able to create a wonderful one by yourself. Diapers of smaller and bigger sizes, rubber looms and colorful ribbons – you can add any other cute decorations to this list. Inside the cake some special present can be hidden. Choose among pacifiers, toys, baby lotions and shampoos.
Today bouquets of socks and towels are very popular as baby shower gifts. Various lovely baby items can be used to create not only beautiful but also a practical present. Such a sweet thing will certainly be appreciated by you expecting friend or relative. You will need:

  • garland of baby clothes
  • garland of baby rattles
  • colorful posters
  • a cake
  • imagination