Freshly reviews for tuscan kitchen decor

A beautiful Tuscan kitchen decor is a great opportunity to bring the warm atmosphere of the south to your home. As well as other country styles, Tuscan decor is inspired by nature, which explains the use of stone and wood. Tuscan decor looks best in large spaces in order to include a large dining table, because traditionally kitchen is used as a place to cook and eat.

Tuscan Kitchen Decor

Tuscan Kitchen Decor

Tuscan decor gives a feeling of durability and warmth. The countertops in this style can be made out of wood, but the more expensive, yet durable options include granite and even marble. When it comes to the colors, the interior can be light or dark, but it is impossible to imagine Tuscan decor without yellow and orange colors. The other widely used colors are reddish brown, deep red, ochre, blue and green.

Tuscan Style Kitchen Decor

If you want to add a little extra something to your kitchen with Tuscan style kitchen decor, you can use elements of nature, such as sunflowers, vine, olives and fruit. They can be incorporated as images on fabric, paintings or wall patterns, but can also be used in bouquets or compositions.

Tuscan Kitchen Wall Decor

The wall decor in Tuscan kitchens can be different, often using natural stone or its imitations. Even the tiles in Tuscan style are usually made to imitate the stone. Another essential component of the Tuscan kitchen wall decor is wrought iron, which can be represented in picture frames, but also as a decorative piece in itself.