Secluded offers casino theme party decorations

Nowadays theme parties are becoming more and more popular. And one of the most popular theme is… casino. Can you imagine that now you don’t need to go to Las Vegas if you want to feel excitement and see different slot machines and the wheel of fortune in the room?

Casino Theme Party Decorations

Casino Theme Party Decorations

This theme will make your party amazing and incredible! But you need to work a lot if you want your house to look like Bellagio in Las Vegas. So at first don’t forget to invite your friends in a creative way! When you start putting invitations into the envelopes you can also add some poker chips there, because every casino player respects poker and it’ll excite your friends! And ask them to wear suits, dresses and maybe even hats. But after that you need to meet the expectations of your guests 😉 And of course only special casino decorations will help you!

Casino theme decorations ideas

Let’s start. When you come to the most famous casinos and look at their interior you’ll see they have a lot of things of red and black color. Try to find something like that in your house. You can hang red or black pictures, use glasses and plates of these colors and don’t forget to hide some bright figurines, because you don’t need them today. Buy some red and black balloons and decorate the front door and the walls by them. Also you need to print some money. Go to the special shop where you can find some table games. Buy there anything you can (it depends only on your salary). You need to buy dices, plastic coins (or you can use real ones to make the game more serious), poker cards and chips, the wheel of fortune and probably even one little slot machine. If you have some of these things at home… you’re lucky! Besides you can turn on some video games in which people need to compete. The winner will have some coins and he can use them in the casino.

Casino night party theme decorations

Remember! You need to hide clocks or just to turn them off. It’s an important rule for a casino. Also you can create some special playlists. Add there some songs by Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Kenny Rogers and even Lady GaGa. Their songs are pretty popular in Las Vegas. Put some dishes on the table. And don’t forget about red and black plates and special cocktail napkins. You don’t need to cook a lot. Just buy some apples, bananas, candies, olives, a plate with cheese and sausages and probably a shrimp cocktail. But what can be more important than alcohol cocktails in such a parties? Put the mini-bar somewhere in the room, buy some bottles of vodka, jin and whiskey. Add some bottles of martini, tonic, coke and juice. Put some shakers and ice near the bar. Your guests will be happy to make their own cocktails! If you do everything right your guests will remember this casino party all their lives. Be sure to take:

  • relatives
  • imagination
  • bright figurines
  • red and black balloons
  • figment of imagination
  • bottles of martini