Great thoughts for hollywood party

Hollywood parties are all about joy and glamour, so your invitations should be unusual and bright. Your guests should also feel special – feel like VIPs, who will walk on the red carpet. When you design your invitations let your guests know what is going to be on the party. Usually Hollywood Parties include: awards night (suits for many personal achievements), a party dedicated to any film, opening night, a party in Hollywood style.

Hollywood Party Ideas

Hollywood Party Ideas

Hollywood party invitations

To make a good invitation use bright slogans which add curiosity, for example if it is themed birthday party, use a slogan “a small star was born” or “star’s birthday” A fun wordplay will intrigue your gests. A good example is: “You’re the star attraction at Stella’s Hollywood Party extravaganza!”

Use the phrases that will brighten your invitations, because they should look like advertisement for a movie. It is a must to design invitations in such a way that they look like movie tickets. On the very top of the card you can write “admit One” and lower you write “Catty’s Red Carpet Celebration”.

Party supplies

Don’t forget about mentioning of date and exact time of the party, where it will be held and drinks which will be served. For each party is important to dress accordingly an event, so is with a Hollywood party. Inform your guests of a dress code. It can be a costume party or your guests can be dressed like their favorite stars. For this you will need:

  • relatives
  • imagination
  • bright slogans
  • invitations