Specific wishes for Italian themed party decorations

Nowadays it’s pretty popular to make a theme party. But sometimes there are no ideas what theme to choose… To solve this problem people can just choose the country and make the party using some traditions of these countries, their favorite food and etc. Let’s talk about one of the most popular and beautiful country which is Italy.

Italian Themed Party Decorations

Italian Themed Party Decorations

If you were born as an american, russian, french, australian and etc. it doesn’t mean you can’t make a little Italy at home 😉 So if you and your friends adore Italy this party will bring the happiness to all of you! For invitations you can create the special individual cards. It will be fine for your guests. You can use an italian flag as a background and then write some famous italian phrases on it. For example if you need to say “welcome to the party” it’ll be cool to write “Benvenuti alla mia festa” which means the same.

Italian theme decorations

But only decorations will make a real Italy. You need to buy some italian flags and hang them on the walls. Also you can find some interesting facts about this country, print them and put it everywhere(on the walls or even on the ceiling). Use mostly green, white and red colors. Find beautiful italian songs and make a playlist. Also you can watch some famous italian movies. Cook traditional italian meals like lasagna, pizza, pasta and tiramisu.

Party theme decoration

It’ll be very tasty and your friends will be happy! Also you need to buy some bottles of italian wine. And don’t forget to think about some italian activities. For example remember about some games like italian charades or you can dance… tarantella! Find some tutorials on the internet and teach others. Make your own Italy! Be sure to take:

  • imagination
  • individual cards
  • flags
  • figment of imagination
  • italian songs
  • good company