Unprecedented examples paris themed decorations

Do you want to make your party as sophisticated and elegant as the City of Paris itself? Then be sure to prepare all the necessary decorations before inviting your guests! By the way, you can begin with sending out cute invitations with the Eiffel Tower printed on them. And squeeze in as many sorts of cheese and wine in your menu as it’s possible.

Paris Themed Party Decorations

Paris Themed Party Decorations

As for the palette, it mustn’t be very gaudy. It’s better to use white, black and pink as the main colors in order to make the decorations look delicate. Keep in mind the simple rule: the more Eiffel Towers you have at your place, the more it will remind your guests of Paris! Use one of them as a centerpiece, adorn your cake with another one… Well, you get it.

Paris themed bathroom decor

Notice that Paris is also about romance. You can make a garland by hanging little paper hearts on a string or decorate the place with a topiary in the same shape. You’ll have to be creative and inventive but nobody can disallow you to use simple flowers to make the atmosphere more romantic. And be sure to buy candles.

As it’s a Paris themed party, you have no right to greet your guests unless they are dressed properly! It may sound strange but all their French pieces of clothing may turn out to be nice decorations. Don’t you think that berets hanging on the walls may look funny at a themed party? Do not forget:

  • figment of imagination
  • pink color
  • Eiffel Towers
  • good company