The inimitable looks for princess party decorations

In the childhood every little girl wanted to become a beautiful princess. But in some years this dream looks like something unreal. Though… It’s possible to become a princess for 1 day! You just need to make a princess theme party! At first you need to make invitations! Make them creative, brights and with pictures of famous princesses and some of their accessories like jewelry or gold shoes. You can even post there the photo of the castle. Put these cards into the beautiful pink envelopes. Don’t forget to ask your guests to look like different princesses.

Theme party decorations

Princess Party Decorations

Princess Party Decorations

Besides you need to make a royal party! So you need to buy a lot of pink and white balloons and put them in your house. Hang some posters with the photos of real kings, queens and princesses and with the pictures of cartoon royal characters. Buy beautiful flowers and pink plates and glasses. Turn on the classic music or probably the new pop music. It depends on the style of your party, because you can make the classic or the modern type.

Princess party supplies

Cook some sandwiches with peanut butter. Buy strawberries, martini, chocolate and ice cream. Play ping pong, talk, make photos… You can also watch some movies or cartoons, but in the midnight don’t forget to make a wish. Then you can dance again. You can even create a dance contest like “the best dancing couple”. Make your party beautiful and light and your guests will be happy! You will need:

  • bright colors
  • colored paper
  • paperboard
  • bows
  • balloons